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Suburban House
Image by Naomi Hébert
Suburban Family Home

What Sellers Need to know for Home Inspections

Prepare your home and help the process

  • Plan to leave your home an hour early

  • Take pets with you

  • Leave keys for crawl space, attic, gates, outbuildings, and electrical boxes

  • Make sure valves to exterior faucets are open (not winterized).

  • Leave remotes for garage door, ceiling fans, lights, etc.

  • Turn on pilot light for gas-fired appliances, including the water heater and fireplaces

  • Make sure all utilities are on

  • Take laundry out of the washer and dryer

  • Remove dishes from the sink and dishwasher

  • Leave a sketch identifying the location of a well or septic tank

  • Leave paperwork for any maintenance, repairs, or insurance claims



The inspector will charge for a return trip to complete an inspection, if necessary. With just a  few honey-do items, homeowners can save themselves some headaches and extra costs.

Inspectors will check to see if the electrical panel is labeled. Replace missing plates on electrical boxes such as switches and receptacles. Replace burnt out light bulbs as needed. Ensure all smoke detectors are operational.

Make sure all tubs and sinks are draining properly. Clear drains with a snake or liquid plumber. Tighten loose equipment such as vales, shower heads, etc. Caulk as necessary. Toilets should be secured to floor and not wobbly.

Check/change filters. If you had recent service work done leave the invoice for the inspector to see.


Clean gutters and debris from roof. Gutter downspouts should have elbow, splash pan and/or flexible extension to get the water away from the home. Trim back vegetation at 12 inches from the home.


Check garage door safety equipment. Clean debris from sensors and align as necessary. Make sure the inspector can easily move around the garage area, thoroughly inspect the floors and walls. Check to see that all windows and doors are operational. It is common to find windows that are painted shut.

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